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GANT case study

The Commercial Group Notos Com Holdings is one of the largest Greek trading companies and represents, in the Greek market, some of the most important and recognizable brands in the textile industry. Its activities include: department stores, cosmetics, personal care and hygiene, wholesale and retail clothing, footwear and stationery. Notos Com Holdings has significant activities also outside Greece. One of the brands represented by Notos Com is GANT, with its own shops and many franchisees.

Business needs
For the network of exclusive stores, GANT decided to create GANT Loyalty Club for its customers, in order to strengthen the brand relationship with the customers. Club members have access to special gifts and offers, collect points from purchases and receive informative newsletters, SMS and printed forms with the points they have accumulated, current promotions, news of the Club along with personalized messages for birthday celebrations and anniversaries. They needed a system to manage the Club, integrate sales from their ERP/commercial program (for the shops of Notos Com) and manage the club members’ points. In addition they had to create the web sites for members of the Club and their franchisees. The site gives franchisees the opportunity to register their sales and thereby the members’ points will be updated. The web site for the members presents the status of points, available gifts and using the web site, members can order the gifts they like. Finally, there was a need for a massive communication with the Club members with personalized messages email, SMS or printable forms.

Microsoft Solutions & Technologies
SiEBEN in order to satisfy the needs of GANT, combined the Cloud Campaign solution which is based exclusively on Microsoft Azure Platform, PocketBiz Desktop for back-end and ERP Connectivity for connectivity with ERP and also created two web sites, for members and their franchisees, based on Windows Azure Web Roles. SiEBEN Cloud Campaign is used for mass mailing of newsletters, emails, SMS, FAX, voice messaging text-to-speech and printable forms by mail, to all members of the Club or individually, using criteria such as recent purchases, amount of purchases, demographics, birthdays, etc. Cloud Campaign consists of a database located in SQL Azure and 2 windows Azure worker roles that undertake the creation and sending of the messages. The speed of message delivery is particularly high because of the multi-threading operation of the roles and also the fact that the two roles automatCally scale their operation, using more or less CPU depending on the needs of the current messaging scenario.

Business Benefits
By creating GANT Loyalty Club, Notos Com improved customer relations and sales effectiveness for GANT clientelle. Also, using the new features for interactive communication with members of the Club, it improved the service provided as after sales. All the above benefits have been achieved with no cost for the purchase, installation and maintenance of infrastructure, no encumbrance of network bandwidth, with data security and minimal risk of system failure due to hardware problems.

SiEBEN Cloud Campaign Hosted Services
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