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The Company

SiEBEN provides innovative IT solutions for enterprises, using the most modern technologies. The continuous effort for innovation and its specialization in modern sectors of information technology, has distinguished SiEBEN as one of the leading companies.

SiEBEN has a flexible group of people with significant knowledge and studies not only at the subject of computer technology and modern methods of application development, but also at the subject of business organization. Thus, it can identify the needs of customers and transform the potential of new technology into business advantages for them.

SiEBEN is Microsoft Country Partner of the year 2011 and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with great expertise in: Communications, Application Integration, Volume Licensing, Management & Virtualization, Mobility Solutions, ISV Software, Portals & Collaboration, Content Management και Cloud.  All the above competencies demonstrate the commitment of SiEBEN to its customers by providing high quality solutions. In addition SiEBEN is:
  • Cisco Silver Partner: advanced specialization in IP Telephony, Unified Communications, Security, Wireless, Routing & Switching
  • EMC Affiliate Partner: Unified Storage & Backup
  • HP Gold Partner: specializing in solutions blade servers, storage & networking 
  • SAP partner specializing in Enterprise Mobility and
  • Has cooperation with Vodafone Hellas in cloud services 

In September 2005 we established our subsidiary company PocketBiz Romania and we have developed an important network of resellers in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia.  

SiEBEN has the following three divisions: 

  • Business Software Division: SiEBEN develops business applications based on portable devices (SmartPhones & Tablet PCs). The mobile product family, which is called PocketBiz, helps the mobile workers to fulfill their daily tasks while they are away from the office, thus, giving them the ability of direct communication and data exchange with the enterprise’s back office systems. In addition SiEBEN specializes in Business Intelligence, SharePoint, CRM, ERP projects, Managed Printing and Cloud Campaign, while providing advice and services relating to the successful assimilation of technology by business. 
  • Systems Integration Division: SiEBEN offers IT infrastructure services and networks based on Microsoft & Cisco products. Also there is great expertise in IP Telephony, Unified Communications, Security (Firewalls & Email/Web Security), Wireless (Indoor/Outdoor), Routing, Switching & Collaboration (Teleworker services & VPN), Unified Storage & Backup and Virtualization.
  • Digital Marketing Division: SiEBEN can manage almost any internet marketing project, from simple design and hosting of a web site up to the development of complex applications. In addition SiEBEN is expert to social media proposals, mobile web sites & apps.
SiEBEN Cloud Campaign Hosted Services
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