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Cloud Campaign Features

  • Multiple ways of communication with your contact list (SMS, Email, Fax, Leaflets, Voice)
  • Preset Communication Scenarios (i.e. Birthdays, Template Emails etc.)
  • Personalized Communication (implemented in all ways of communication)
  • Connectivity with other Systems (i.e. CRM)
  • Ability to Choose Form and Dimension for Leaflets
  • Delivery and Read Receipt Report for Emails and SMS
  • Automatic subscribe/unsubscribe in the mailing list
  • Voice Call with Dynamic Text To Speech Content that can be Combined with Power/Predictive dialing and Voice Portal systems
  • Multiple Criteria for Creating and Updating Recipients Lists
  • Extended Reporting and Response Evaluation
  • Dynamic Recipients Selection Scenarios (i.e. Appointment Reminders for your Clients)

All of the above, combined with the general characteristics of cloud computing and some unique features of Cloud Campaign, such as the multiple ways of communication, create a rich environment to help you build your direct marketing campaigns and loyalty club.

Architecture - Technologies of Cloud Campaign
  • Windows Azure Platform
  • SQL Azure
  • .Net Framework 4

SiEBEN Cloud Campaign Hosted Services
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