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Most businesses that deal with end customers need to maintain their clientele by having continuous contact with their customers. For this purpose we developed the Cloud Campaign service, which is the solution of SiEBEN for mass mailing of newsletters, emails, SMS, FAX, forms by regular mail and voice messages. Cloud Campaign can help you:

  • build your company’s loyalty club
  • keep your customers informed about news/offers/price reductions etc
  • help your build a better relationship with your clientele by sending personalized wishes/ reminders/ thank you notes

and, since it is combined with a reporting tool that can be connected with a Business Intelligence system, it can help you improve you customers relations and build successful direct marketing campaigns.

Cloud computing is the new way of implementing applications, in which all data and computing power is no longer in customer facilities, but in a ''Cloud'' system of computers to which the user connects over the internet. Cloud Computing is the trend in the global software market and most new applications are implemented using the logic of the cloud. Cloud computing can help a company, without investing in hardware or burdening the company’s network, to perform workflows that normally would require the existence of an expensive datacenter in order to work. SiEBEN uses Microsoft’s cloud platform, Windows Azure for the provision of Cloud Campaign service.

SiEBEN Cloud Campaign Hosted Services
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